The Field is on the slopes of Arthur’s Seat just above Duddingston Village. Work by local people and volunteers from further afield has resulted in the creation of a diverse habitat to include semi-natural woodland, herb-rich meadow and wetland as well as an orchard, willow bed and tree nursery.

The Field provides a rich bio-diverse link and public pathway between Holyrood Park, Meadowfield Woods and Duddingston Village Community Land. More and more local people, tourists and Edinburgh residents regularly use the Field for access, recreation (running, walking, picnics, visits with young children) and volunteering (on both The Filed and the adjoining Community Land and Vegetable Garden).

Come and explore the Measured Walk or wander the paths in your own way. Test the benches, enjoy the different views, notice the varieties of flowers and grasses, find and walk the labyrinth.   Families (including dogs!) are welcome but keep your dog leashed near the hens if it is likely to chase them. Volunteers are welcome at our regular workdays which take place on the second Saturday of the month (see below).

NB Due to Covid, Work Days are cancelled for the time being
Work Days –
Second Saturday of the Month
Plenty to do……..

And there’ll certainly be time for a cuppa brewed in our new kelly kettles!
Work days for 2020: 

Work days start at 10am and end between 2 and 4pm depending on the weather, etc with a break for lunch (provided) at 1pm.  Come along at any time after 10 that suits you.

How to find The Field
Enter the gate between nos 56 and 58 The Causeway ; walk up the Pend, into the Paddock via the iron gates, turn right and follow the path to the opening at the far end.

field map downloaded from old website