Finshing the new paths

In June, we finished off the work that the Dirty Weekenders had started and put up the signs.  The steps and paths very quickly blended into the field.

The Dirty Weekenders back for more

The Dirty Weekenders student conservation volunteer group returned for another day of hard labour, chat, fun and food in March 2016.  This time it was a meticulously planned operation to build two sets of steps and a raised path to replace slippery and muddy sections of the paths.  Tools and materials were paid for by a Council Neighbourhood Partnership grant, which also paid for signs for visitors.

The Dirty Weekenders came back!

If you have a huge group and the weather is forecast to be terrible, then the first task is to make shelter. As well as that they widened a path, demolished a fence, mulched a hedge, cleared a labyrinth, weeded a tree nursery, laid a drain in the field, laid flags for a greenhouse base and ate a hearty lunch. It really is true that many hands make light work, so thanks very much, and come back soon.